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Use the Collaborative Process to Protect Family Relationships

An important part of collaborative process is acknowledging the importance of family relationships.  While Colorado law emphasizes the importance of meeting the best interests of the children of divorce, and to some extent the relation that grandparents have with children, nothing in the law specifically acknowledges other familial relationships, such as those with in-laws. The fracturing of these relationships can be quite painful for the spouses and their children.  See this article. In a collaborative negotiation, however, the importance of all familial relationships is explicitly addressed.  Many people find this to be one of the best aspects of collaboration, because they have formed close and lasting bonds with their spouse’s family.  In a collaborative divorce, both spouses agree that a major goal is to minimize, if not eliminate, the negative effects on their family relationships.  Thoughtful, interest-based negotiation helps to preserve each spouse’s integrity and best intention, which in turn helps them continue positive relations with extended families.

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