Why Should a Financial Professional be involved in My Collaborative Divorce?

This question comes up regularly. Having already hired a collaborative attorney, what is the value in the added expense of the neutral financial professional? The answer lies in that person’s expertise and neutrality.


While your lawyer might have almost as much knowledge in the financial effects of divorce, it’s likely that the financial professional knows more. Perhaps more important, the neutrality of the financial professional insures that the information and advice she conveys is not slanted toward one party, which insures that everyone in the room can hear and believe her. An added value is that she can help you prepare the financial disclosures needed for the divorce filing.

Saves Time

This can be a time-consuming task, and the financial professional helps both parties accomplish it in the most efficient way possible. Finally, many divorces involve tax and appraisal issues that necessarily involve a financial professional, so having someone on board streamlines the process.

By Daryl James, Attorney At Law

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